Thursday, May 30, 2013

Project 365-ish: May 30, 2013

We remember....(colorized version) by Crunchy Footsteps

We Remember..  (colorized version)

gingerbreadcam pinhole camera, paper negative, 45 sec exp, developed in Caffenol-C, colorized in Photoshop

Mr Aguilar was our neighbor for 17 years. Since our back yards met back to back, we first met (and had many conversations since) while he was on his roof, fixing his evaporative cooler.

As a toddler, my son called him "Bob on the roof". Many years later, Mr. Aguilar graciously accepted Son's request to interview him on his WWII service. He had served in the US Navy, in the Pacific. His ship, the USS Bush, was attacked and destroyed while he was aboard, and he floated in he water with shipmates for more than 24 hours, before being rescued. He went on to live a full life surrounded by family, and lived his life with integrity.

Sadly, he passed away 1 month after Son's interview with him. He is buried nearby in a veteran's cemetery, and we visit his grave every Memorial Day.

image made May 27, 2013, at Southeastern Arizona Veteran's Memorial Cemetery.

The original black and white version is here

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