Tuesday, April 30, 2013

project 365-ish: April 30, 2013

This teeny tiny praying mantis was on my plumeria tree yesterday.  He really is an ittie bittie- just a little bit longer than my fingernail.  He's a good little buggie- may he stay around and eat the unwanted pests, and get nice and big!

A funny story- a few years ago, my tomato plants were covered with potato bug larvae.  I was in process of picking them off the plants, and one just wouldn't let go.  I thought that was funny, because these bugs don't hang on at all- they just drop off to the soil, and crawl back up again.  So why was this particular bug so hard to pick off?  It turns out that it was being clutched by a praying mantis, camouflaged and just out of view!  I apologized, and lft him to his dinner.

image made April 29, 2013

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