Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project 365-ish: Februry 20, 2013

A snow day is a slow day....

Today's would-be photo is more poignant as a moving picture, thus, it is a little, tiny video instead.  (-:

We got a 1/2 snow day.  Our county doesn't have but a very small fleet of snowplows, so when it snows, and is below freezing, everyone runs for home.   Husband was released from work.  Son got out of drawing class early.  Son also doesn't have to work today.  Daughter got out of gymnastics practice.  Suddenly, the day has a whole new feel to it.  I can make dinner in a leisurely manner, and we can all eat together.  I am making brownies.  (I'm hiding butternut squash in them.  Shhh...)

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