Thursday, January 31, 2013

Project 365-ish: January 31, 2013

Imperial Sand Dunes, California by Crunchy Footsteps
Imperial Sand Dunes, California,
picassocam pinhole camera, paper negative, 8 sec exp, developed in Caffenol C, colorized in Photoshop.

The eastern border of California along Interstate 8 is the location of some really great, expansive sand dunes! My kids really wanted to visit, because the Tatoonie scenes of Star Wars were filmed here. I really wanted to try and capture the Dunes in pinhole, hoping the wide-angled nature of my cameras might capture it's utter vastness.

I am still trying to decide if that vastness was captured or not. It seems that the wide-angleness flattened out the inclines of the sand slopes, making the landscape seem more even elevation-wise than it actually was.

As far as the brightness of the scenes went, I was lucky that an approaching storm made the skies partly cloudy, so the bright sand under a semi-bright sky didn't make my exposures too squirrely. Still, exposure times were about 1/3 of what I am used to, so it was pretty bright!

There are many places to experience the Imperial Dunes. Some places are wilderness areas, so one can't walk out onto them, but simply enjoy their natural beauty.. Other places are recreational areas, and people in ATVs are riding all over them. Different strokes for different folks! (or different moods in the same person)

Since we were just passing through, we stopped at exit 156- Grant's Well Road, which is a recreation area. You have to buy a week-long permit to have full access to the dunes, but the very nice camp host let us walk on to the dunes without charge, as long as we didn't take our vehicle out onto them.

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