Monday, January 21, 2013

Project 365-ish: January 21, 2013

paintcan pinhole camera, paper negative, approx. 40-sec exposure
I panted the insides of my two favorite pinhole cameras with flat black paint yesterday, to minimize internal reflections.  I have really enjoyed these random, muse-like reflections on my images, but I am  about to go photograph a place that has a lot of white stuff, which is really hard to expose correctly, especially with a pinhole camera.

So the fam and I went to Bisbee yesterday afternoon, where I tested out the newly-painted cameras.  The light was low, as the sun had already dipped behind the Mule Mountains, so it wasn't a bright light test.

Here is an image from the Quality Hill Park. If you look close near the center of the photograph, you can see the Bisbee "B" at the top of the mountain peak in Old Bisbee.

We had a great time!  We ate Mexican food for dinner, while friends of ours strolled by our window-table.  We knocked on the window, and they came in and joined us for dinner.  We then took a stroll through a bit of Old Bisbee, enjoying the many murals and sculptures...

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