Thursday, January 3, 2013

Project 365-ish: January 2, 2013

For the past several years, my family has spent the first morning of the new year  at a local wetlands area, watching the sandhill cranes come in.  (we were up far too late New Year's Eve to make it on January 1st this year, so we went on the 2nd, but I digress...)

The sandhill cranes stop over for a few months on their spring migration back to their summer home.  We live in a rural county, so they feast in the fields in the morning, and return to the wetlands area around 11:30 am to roost, fish, and socialize.  The water is usually frozen this time of year in the morning, so I feel for them.

They come flying in by the hundreds upon hundreds!  (perhaps thousands upon thousands?)  You see them at the horizon first, flying in tiny V-shapes.  They get closer and closer, now flying in family groups, till you see them land right before you.  Their calls can be very loud when there are very, very many of them.  They come in waves upon waves for about an hour.

It is really something to watch!

Happy New Year!!

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