Thursday, January 3, 2013

Project 365-ish: January 1, 2013

This image is a happy accident.  This is a giant star structure, situated in the foothills of the mountains of our community.  It is lit every holiday season, and can be seen shining brightly for miles and miles- I have have seen it from 30 miles away.  From a clear line-of-sight, I'm sure you could see it from farther away.

Anyway, I just walked up to snap the photo, not remembering to change the settings from the sparkler "2013" photo from the day before.  So I clicked the shutter, and it stayed open, and it stayed after holding still a few more seconds, I started wiggling the camera, before the shutter closed.  I like the Star-Trekish Nexxus Ribbon- effect!  Now the star seems to have more energy than it knows what to do with!

Here's a realistic representation, from the back side of the star.  I'd take a photo of the family standing in front of the star, but it would be far too bright to even make them out against the contrast of the lamps.

I put the pinhole plate on the front of the camera body, and walked carefully down the hill aways, to get this image from the front.  The focal length of the camera sensor to the pinhole is a short distance, so the image is more telephoto than I would like.  But, I was able to get the whole star in the frame.

Happy Shiny New Year!!!

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