Sunday, July 29, 2012

a plumeria of my very own

a plumeria of my very own by Crunchy Footsteps
paintcan pinhole camera, paper negative, 66 second exposure, developed in homemade "Caffenol C", colorized in Photoshop

While in Hawaii some 25-ish years ago, I fell in love with the plumerias there. Their simple elegance and lovely tropical scent has haunted me ever since, especially because I hadn't seen a plumeria blossom in-the-flesh since the '80s....

But all that changed about a month ago, when the kids and I, ducking out of the rain in the Lowe's garden center, landed ourselves right in front of a display of little plumeria trees! They were all blooming! Be still my beating heart! Naturally, this tree came home with us. It turns out that one *can* grow tropical plumerias in the desert, given some special modifications!

I made this image the other day with the homemade paint can pinhole camera, and colorized it in Photoshop.

Image made July 27, 2012