Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blurry Flower Therapy

I found a spare 5 minutes today to spend with some tiny "weed"-daisies in my backyard.  Some part of me just loves shallow depth of field, and flowers make such a beautiful and interesting study, with their multiple layers of pedally goodness.

I took my 50mm portrait lens off my camera, and turned it around backwards to get this ultra-macro, ultra f.0 shallow blurry look.

These past few months have been very busy with the kids' activities, and I have had next to no time for photographing.  However, the schedule is changing for the warmer months, and I feel a glimmer of hope about having some more moments like this one today...for photography therapy.

 A funny thought just occurred to me...as much as I love the feel of shallow dof, this is how my vision looked while trying on a pair of progressive-lensed eyeglasses.  (I should be wearing bifocals...according to my last few eye exams)  I would think I would enjoy viewing the magical world like this all the time, but not through glasses-only through the camera!

Ahhh...blurry flower therapy!

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