Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thomas Jonathan Jeffords at Atalanta's Book Store, Main Street, Bisbee, Az

Via Flickr:
picassocam pinhole camera, 2 1/2 minute exposure, paper negative, developed in Caffenol C

Thomas Jonathan Jeffords, toting his trusty iron, in front of Atalanta's in 2012???? I hope I fooled you! (-:

This is actually a life-sized historic photo of Mr. Jeffords, affixed in front of the store, with his biographical information. It is part of the Cochise County History On The Move Project- a display to celebrate some of Cochise County's early influential individuals.

Mr. Jeffords is known to have earned the friendship of Cochise, the last free leader of the Chiricauhua Apache.

It is noted that the talks between Jeffords and Cochise helped to secure a peace treaty in the area in the late 1870s.

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed how the city of Bisbee set up the History On The Move display- as they placed each figure somewhere along Main Street. Finding each figure is like discovering items on a treasure hunt! What fun!

image made February 18, 2012

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