Sunday, February 19, 2012

John Slaughter on Main Street, Bisbee, Az

Via Flickr:
paint can pinhole camera, 2 1/2 minute exposure, paper negative, developed in Caffenol C

John Slaughter undoubtedly looked better when he was living- because at least then he had his head! Oh well- when you don't have a viewfinder, you sometimes don't get ''em all aimed just right. (-:

Here is the life-sized historic photo of Mr. Slaughter on Main Street in Old Bisbee, Arizona, where he is on display this month, as part of the Cochise County History On The Move centennial project. My son is keeping him company on the bench to the left..

John Slaughter was born and raised in Texas, and was a Texas Ranger before relocating to Arizona in 1877. He carried a sawed-off shotgun which he called "the equalizer", and is credited for bringing much law and order to the wild Arizona Territory. He was the 4th Cochise County Sheriff, beginning with his election in 1886.

Mr. Slaughter was also a rancher on his beautiful San Bernardino Ranch near Douglas, Az. (iti s now a historical landmark, and we have enjoyed visiting it several times) He was also key in establishing the community of Douglas.

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed how the city of Bisbee set up the History On The Move display- as they placed each figure somewhere along Main Street. Finding each figure is like discovering items on a treasure hunt! What fun!

As for John Slaughter's head- I'll try my best to capture it at the next location of the History On The Move Display. (-:

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