Friday, December 23, 2011

A special camera harvest- Time In A Can!

Happy Winter Solstice- though my greeting is a day late!

Today is the day that the Time In A Can solargraphy project has come to an end. I am one of the 40 lucky participants around the world, who planted 5 pinhole cameras out in the elements on June 21st- the summer solstice.  All 200 cameras around the world have been recording the sun's path, as well as imaging the surroundings, for the last 6 months,, onto photographic paper inside the pinhole can-camera.

Tin Man poses with his can-camera cousins

Here is the bounty of my can-cam harvest- all 5 pinhole cameras, intact after months of baking heat, rain storms, wind, freezing temperatures, and flood.

Now it is time to open the cans under a safelight, and package the negatives to be shipped back to Spain, where there will be a gallery exhibit of the solargraph photos.  Stay tuned for solargraph results!

In the meantime, here are some other solargraph photos I have made in the past.

And also in the meantime, a video from the Time In A Can project- packaging up the cameras to send out to the photographers...enjoy!

6-month solargraphy in my back yard- 2009

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  1. Celebrando la navidad despu├ęs del solsticio de invierno