Thursday, November 24, 2011

a 2012 calender project

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone who is celebrating today!

I have a moment between turkey and sides prep to blog. Here's a peek at my newest artsy project.I feel a bookish energy coming over me....

I have decided to make 2012 calendars this year for some special friends- using my pinhole photography, and my fledgling bookbinding skills. It will be a softcover mini-calender to carry in a purse or pack. Here are the front and back covers:

and the back cover:

I have been figuring out, and making, the layout in Photoshop. I have it set up so that four pages (front and back) fit on the front and back sides of a sheet of 8.5x11 -inch paper, so I can print the calender at home.  To make sense of the mindboggling task of knowing which pages go on any one sheet of paper, I made a little mock-up book with regular copy paper first:

and labeled the pages front and back....

So all I had to do is separate this mock book to see the proper layout. 

The layout truly seems haphazard!  Photos of one month are paired up with calendars of other months.  It comes out right in the end, though....

I am indebted to several individuals who have helped me to make this project a lot easier!  These folks offer up items of their talents for free, and here is my shout out to them:

Photography Blography has some great free Photoshop calender template options to download- thank you so much, Photography Blography!

Kim Klassen makes spectacular textures and backgrounds- and  offers a free texture every week to subscribers.  I used one of her textures for the cover pages.  I am grateful to you, Kim!

I downloaded some free fancy, scallop-doo-dad clip art to add some nice decorative touches from about dot com's clip art site.  Thank you, Folks!

When I have completed the print/binding phase of this project, I would like to offer my little calendar in pdf form for free download to anyone who wants one, for their desktops/portable devices.  It's just a little artsy gift from me....continuing the sharing, giving and gratitude to you friends, and those who helped make the project so much nicer!

In order to do that, I need to complete a dvd workshop on making pdf multimedia projects, which is taught by Brooks Jensen of Lenswork. I'm looking forward to making this my first pdf!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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