Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reviving an old rusty camera!

A friend gave me this rusty, wet, grimy little beauty last night- a vintage Kodak Duaflex camera!

This camera was made from 1947-1959 in The States.  It has a focusable lens, 3 aperture settings, and takes 620 film.  

I opened the camera in total darkness to see if there was any film inside, but their wasn't.....(wouldn't it be cool to find a roll in there?)

Boy howdy, that's rusty!  The shutter is stuck, and the film advance knob is, too...

This is the viewfinder- full of rust, too.  I'll have to take the whole camera apart to clean it out.

I cleaned up the accessible surfaces with my homemade cleaner, and am soaking the screws and nooks and crannies in oil, in hopes to ease everything loose for a complete cleaning, and then see if it will still work!

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