Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brown Canyon Ranch Hereford, Arizona, USA

Brown Canyon Ranch Hereford, Arizona, USA by Crunchy Footsteps
homemade paint can pinhole camera, paper negative, 25-sec exposure, developed in Caffenol CM, color and texture added in Photoshop

It's lovely to see green this time of year! I am uncertain if the green here was the comeback of preventative backburning frm the Monument Fire, or just simply from moisture of monsoon rains alone.

The families who occupied Brown Canyon Ranch over the years ranched cattle for nearby Ft Huachuca, providing food for the soldiers.

I exposed a little longer than the meter told me to, to try to get more detail from the shadows in the structures. I'm not sure how much I achieved that, but I am happy with the exposure overall.

image made: July 30, 2011

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