Saturday, July 30, 2011

Monument Fire Recovery- and a new-to-me wildflower

Canon EOS t2i DSLR with Sigma 10-20mm lens

Many of the Monument fire burned areas are starting to get green as our summer monsoon season drops much-needed rain. (-:

Here is an example of one area . While driving in the Coronado National Monument, we noticed these beautiful, crawling flowers in the burn recovery area. They are a type of morning glory native to southern Arizona and northern and central Mexico. They are called a pink throated morning glory, or ipomea longifolia.

The US Dept of Agriculture classifies my new favorite wildflower as a "prohibitive noxious weed". Haramuph.

The flower opens up in the evenings.   It was very thunderbumpy while we were there.

images made July 30, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

video- (1962) "Canon Reflex Zoom 8-3" 8mm movie camera on loan to me

A friend loaned me his Canon Reflex Zoom 8-3 8mm movie camera for a few days, and this video is a product from my learning about the camera.

Come see an informative and entertaining tour of the camera, and then a ttv ("through the viewfinder" ) filming experience with authentic camera sight and sound!

I'm researching about hand-processing 8mm film. I wonder if homemade caffenol (more links on caffenol here and here.) would work on 8mm movie film??? Stunning results can be achieved with caffenol, but even if my results didn't resemble "stunning"   I'd be happy with the low-fi, lomo look.

video made: July 19-20, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brown Canyon range land, Huachuca Mountains, Arizona USA

homemade paint can pinhole camera, paper negative, developed in homemade Caffenol CM developer, color and Kim Klassen's "warmsun" texture added in Photoshop

This is a colorized version of this picture.

I colorized it today, in place of a nice hike in our reopened Ramsey Canyon.
We made it to Ramsey Canyon, but 15 minutes into our walk, a young bear ran by! So we decided our hike was over for the day. Colorizing this image of Brown Canyon (just down the road from Ramsey) became the substitute for the hike, but boy, was it fun, too!

image made July 9, 2011