Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wheel Of Progress (part 1) Sierra Vista, Arizona

Brownie Holiday camera, Efke 127 ISO 100, developed in Caffenol CM, negative photographed over a light table and inverted in Photoshop

Husband took this shot, putting me on the other side of the camera for a change. (-:

After developing and processing, I see that I have "bunny ears" above my head. Which "rotten" kid did that? I instantly assumed it was the 15-year-old, but wait- both his arms are visible. Wait a minute- that's the 10-year-old's little fingers!

The Holiday's shutter speed must be on the slower side- with ISO 100 film, the bright sunny shots are a bit overexposed. (I'm pretty sure it's the in-camera exposure) The midsummer sun is brutal and glary this time of year though, and it was about noon at the time.

This is a tribute to Arizona miners of all eras- the "Wheel Of Progress"- a mining flywheel which turned some sort of compressor or generator at some time in mining history. It turns today (and has for years) slowly, as a tribute, on Highway 92, next to the self-storage.

By the way- the group of agaves to the left are a form of yucca which is very common here in the high dessert of southern Arizona. They bloom in June every year.

image made June 3, 2011

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