Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vintage Cameraness + Huachuca Jazz Project- (36th Army Band) summer concert in the park Sierra Vista, Arizona

Brownie Holiday camera, Efke 127 ISO 100, developed in Caffenol CM, negative photographed over a light table and inverted, sepia tone, texture added in Photoshop

The 36th Army Band's ensemble, the Huachuca Jazz Project, took our brand new bandshell/stage for our first concert in the park this year. I had to go up there and snap a picture of the group with the Brownie Holiday....

I think I might look for a hack on the shutter, so that I can vary the length of exposures. (perhaps the limitation is why they came out with the Holiday Flash model, two years after beginning production of this camera!)

Then again, perhaps I will stick with the historic, original experience of the camera, and get whatever atmosphere come what may in any lighting condition. Still thinking on this one!

I love the dimensions of this film! It sure is a bear to load on the developing spool, though! The 127 film is wound up so tightly, that it wants to curl with a passion. It is so curly, that the leading edge of the film easily pops off the developer spool grooves, derailing the rest of the film while loading. However, folding the leading edge into a flattened shape helps to keep the film on the spool.
image made: June 2, 2011

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