Saturday, June 4, 2011

On Top Of The World at Sunset

Brownie Holiday camera, Efke 127 ISO 100, developed in Caffenol CM, negative photographed over a light table and inverted, sepia tone, texture added in Photoshop

She and the other young ones were dancing, racing, and chasing each other as the 36th Army Band played on. The stage lighting fixture, with it's pointed "roof", was too much to resist. She had to climb to the top! (all two feet off the ground)

It was the opening summer concert in the park for this year, where my family enjoyed watching these kids as much as listening to the music.

This is from my first roll through my Brownie Holiday camera (circa 1955-57) There is no bulb setting on this camera, so there is one fixed shutter speed to work with. Perhaps I can find 127 film in different ISOs to compensate?

I love the dimensions of this film! It sure is a bear to load on the developing spool, though! The 127 film is wound up so tightly, that it wants to curl with a passion. It is so curly, that the leading edge of the film easily pops off the developer spool grooves, derailing the rest of the film while loading. However, folding the leading edge into a flattened shape helps to keep the film on the spool.
image made: June 2, 2011

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