Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monument Fire on June 14th from Palominas, Az

If you pray, dance or wish, please do so for rain, for the many areas battling wildfires right now.

This is the Monument Fire in Palominas/Hereford/South Sierra Vista, Az. I took this photo at the red cross shelter at Palominas School in Palominas, Az, on Tuesday, June 14th.

It has gotten much worse, as extremely dry conditions, high winds and hot temperatures are fanning it with incredible speed and unpredictability. It is moving into highly populated areas today.

My family and I are safe, and in a good location to remain safe.

Thanks Friends, I just felt a need to share.

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  1. Your family and all those in harm's way will be in my thoughts and prayers today, Kristy. I hope that you'll get some rain soon.

    I was thinking of you and your coffee-processing last week when I was taking some pictures at a historic site and thinking how cool they would look with your processing technique!

    Hugs, friend. -- Kathy at