Monday, May 2, 2011

Handmade book, part 8, aka:"Learning weaves texture into one's life"

I've been hanging on the cusp of assembling the homemade book, waiting for an open space of time, and a clear head.  But, I did learn how to sew the tortoise shell binding this past weekend!  It was a mental challenge for me, and I have developed a vast appreciation for the folks who figured it out long, long ago.

I dedicate this week's Texture Tuesday image to the bookbinders and bookmakers everywhere, by integrating my learning process into this week's challenge.  What is the challenge this week, you might ask?  It is to use a coffee/tea mug into your image, and include at least one of  Kim's (free to download) textures.  Husband brought this mug home from a training class years ago, and I love it's message.  (-:  I used two of Kim's textures- "silence" and "WarmSun".  Thank you, Kim!


Oh yes...what's in the cup? Darjeeling with agave syrup and cream. (-:


  1. Love the black & white! Cute cup:)

  2. Wonderful composition and texture work here!
    Happy to have found/followed you!! :)

  3. Very nice - I like the desaturated appearance and the use of texture.