Monday, May 30, 2011

American Gothic Self-Portrait (minus the pitch fork)

Diana multi-pinhole camera (using one pinhole for this image), 8-second exposure, Ilford Delta ISO 100, developed in homemade Caffenol C, negative backlit on a lightbox and photographed with DSLR camera, inverted in Photoshop

A self-portrait, while sitting on the steps of the San Pedro House- a historic ranch house-turned gift shop and headquarters for the San Pedro River Riparian Conservation Area. (just a few steps from Steve, the giant cottonwood tree)

The Fam gave me a Diana multi-pinhole camera and a very creative 120 film bouquet for Mother's Day this year. It was a complete whim on their part, and complete surprise to me. What fun it's been!

So where do we go to try it out that afternoon? Well, to go see Steve, of course! ("Steve" is the gentle giant cottonwood tree)

image made: May 8, 2011, San Pedro Riparian area, between Sierra Vista and Bisbee, Az.

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