Friday, April 8, 2011

A wild day for wildflowers

These pretty little things are clumped together by the side of the road where I live.  They are strong flowers- managing a beautiful bloom in spite of the very dry winter we've had.  They grow out of the hard gravely ground to show their pretty faces....

and then get whipped around in today's wild wind!

I admire their persistence.  I thank them for being here, to liven up the brown springtime landscape.  I sing their story.



  1. Grate pic! Hi mommy!!!!!!
    Love rosiepica

  2. Dear Rosie,
    You make the sun shine brighter every day! Thank you for your kind comments! Have fun with your blog!

  3. What sweet comments above from Rosie!!
    Yes, I love wild flowers and I'm so thankful for their beauty. Lady Bird Johnson (LBJ's wife) started an initiative to plant more wild flowers way back in her day, and it sure has made a difference in the state of TX!