Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some water under the bridge- Faraway Ranch, Chiracahua National Monument, Arizona USA

homemade paint can pinhole camera, 2-minute exposure, paper negative, scanned and post-processed in Photoshop, including adding color, and also adding a texture from Kim Klassen's texture collections("WarmTone").

This was a difficult exposure, in that the scene was in shadow, (requiring a long exposure) while the sun was shining right at the camera. It took some work in Photoshop to balance the overexposed parts of the image (the central part of the image) with the darker areas. Using color also helped to bring out the details. It was a good experiment in pinholing in backlit and dark conditions- when I am used to using pinhole in ideally bright conditions. I think I'll do some more dark, though...(-:

Emma and Neil Erickson both came from Sweden in the 1860s-70s (separately) before marrying and homesteading a ranch in the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona.

Their home began as an existing cabin on the property that Emma had purchased on her own. Thick walls were later built by Neil, to act as protection against Apache raids, which commonly occurred in this area at the time.

Many outbuildings exist at the ranch- perhaps quarters for guests or ranch workers. I would like this one- to just be able to fall asleep to the gentle rambling of the stream. (-:

Emma and Neil's two daughters expanded the house to it's current configuration when they made it a guest ranch in their young adult years.

We had a wonderful tour of the Erickson Home: the well-named Faraway Ranch- that summertime weekend.

Image made July 24, 2010

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