Saturday, April 9, 2011

handmade book, part 2

I made a practice mock-up book today from an empty pasta box, copy paper, and masking tape.  It doesn't look like much, does it?  Even so,  it helped me understand how to make the book, and do a practice run!

I used 2 different bookbinding books to construct this practice book:

One is called, Making Books By Hand, A Step-by-Step Guide by McCarthy and Manna.   This helped me make a "tied-binding album".   This is a Chinese and Japanese book-making style, which uses a very flexible spine design and an exterior stitching/binding .  I picked this design, because the book can be opened nearly flat for viewing the pages, and the exterior binding really gives the book a handmade look.  Also, I think the subject of this book-  this particular magnolia tree- originates from China, so there is a geographical/historical connection as well.

The other bookmaking book I used today is called, Cover To Cover: Creative Techniques For Making Beautiful Books, Journals & Albums, by Shereen LaPlantz.  This book goes into more detail about the stab binding technique used in making these books, and offers different lacing patterns in creating the binding.   I'm still trying to wrap my head around the basic technique, but maybe I'll use a different binding style when it comes to making the real book.

Now I need to decide how big I want the book to be, and what papers and materials I want to use.  I think one practical consideration would be picking a paper size that I can print in my own printer, unless I have the project printed elsewhere.  I think I shall want a bright white paper to print the photographs on, and a heaver weight as well.  I'll want a heavier textured paper for the covers.  I am leaning towards a using simple twine for the binding thread.  I think I want the book to be hardcover.  I've used foam core for book boards in the past, but I think it is too thick for what I want in this project.

This is almost like picking colors for a wedding, or designing a room in a house!  Oh the possibilities!

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