Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coming out of Warp Speed- Adrift on Parker Canyon Lake, Arizona

"picassocam" pinhole camera, paper negative, 30-second exposure, camera on tripod inside the boat as we drifted and spun in the canoe, developed in Caffenol CM, (homemade coffee developer) colorized in Photoshop.

The trusty "Guppie" (our inflatable canoe) provided more fodder for photographic adventures a few weeks ago! Daughter and I drifted along with the wind, while picassocam, perched high above our heads on a tripod between us, recorded the 30-second trip. I asked Daughter to be still, so we might get a clear image of her and the boat, and a blur of the surroundings. She was still alright- in fact, she was falling asleep! Ahh, the comfortable lull of a boat on a warm sunny day! (-:

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