Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attention Photographers! Worldwide Pinhole Day is coming up!

It's that time of year again- Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!  Make a camera (you can learn how to make one from an oatmeal box here.)  Have fun with the crafty process, take some pictures next Sunday, and share one with the world!

At the WWPD website, you can find a workshop for camera-making that coordinates with Pinhole Day.  You can view the galleries of years past, where the world was pinholed all on the same day by thousands of photographers.  Also, you can find out all the information you need for posting one of your pinhole photos to the 2011 gallery.

Though pinhole is my current photographic passion, I can say from a neutral perspective that it the process really exercises one's photography skills, both technically and compositionally.  (is that a word?)  Don't want to make a camera?  Don't want to bother with a film process?  DO you have access to a DSLR? (a digital camera with removable lens) Make a pinhole body cap for your digital camera, and participate that way!  See the video below to find out how:

Please join us!!!

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