Saturday, March 5, 2011

Someone's Dearly Departed-Tombstone Cemetery, Tombstone, Arizona USA (w/vignette and texture)

D Stewart PDX's famous "Terminator 3" pinhole camera, Fuji ACROS ISO 100 film, 1 second exposure, Film was developed in homemade "caffenol" developer. Negative was photographed over a lightbox with a DSLR, post-processing in Photoshop.

This is another version of this image, with a texture added from Kim Klassen's Cafe. (thanks a bunch, Kim!)

It seems like this grave was originally marked with the wooden cross behind the stone, and the stone was placed later. That's my guess, anyway. The stone is leaning forward, and I am afraid it might topple one day. The inscription is barely readable, but if my memory serves, this gentleman died in the 1860s.

Before leaving Tombstone, D and I drove out to the "common folk" cemetery (as opposed to the famous, touristy "Boot Hill" Cemetery) to have a look around. The flurries had stopped, and the wind had died down a bit. The graves mark the places of residents that passed away from about the 1870s through the present day. We found the grave of Nino Cochise (the grandson of Cochise) who lived to be 110 years old!

As D observed, many of the gravesites were handmade- either the stonework, boundaries and other adornments, or all of the above. They were folks making do with the materials they had at the time. There are some elaborate markers, and others that are marked with a simple wooden cross. Some are holding up well over time, and others are crumbling and decaying with age. Some are tended to regularly, complete with trinkets, candles, and silk flowers, while others sit, seemingly forgotten among the invading weeds and cacti..

D Stewart PDX came down to my area to photograph, and we had a girls' day out! We pinholed all over Cochise County, Arizona, in the driving snow (flurries) and icy cold wind! We even traded cameras for the day, so I got to shoot a roll of film in her Terminator 3 pinhole camera! (I'll let D tell you which of my cameras she ran around with)

Thanks D, for a wonderful adventure with you! I sure learned much from you, and I love the Terminator!!!!

Image made February 27, 2011.

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