Thursday, March 17, 2011

Season of the Bloom, pinhole style

paint can pinhole camera, paper negative, 21 minute exposure, developed in homemade Caffenol CM developer.

It was the paint can cam's turn at the magnolia tree the other day. I got out there at sunrise, before the wind picked up. I metered the shot at 17 minutes, but let it go for 21 minutes to allow for reciprocity failure in the low light/long exposure. The camera was placed about 1 inch from the flower. Can you see the tripod there in the foreground, supporting the paint cam as it made the image? (-:

This was a timely image. Some time later that morning, a landscape crew came through and chopped off all the new growth from the main branches, including this lonely little cluster of blooms that flowered out this year. There are other buds higher up in the tree, but they may dry out before they open.

So I was especially happy to preserve this year's bloom before it was gone!

image made March 15, 2011

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