Saturday, March 12, 2011

Season of the Bloom, 2011

Despite hard times, the neighborhood magnolia tree is managing a very modest bloom this year.  ((patting the sweet tree))

Here are some blooms thus far:

Images made with 75-300mm lens on Canon t2i DSLR.  Texture in the first three has a texture made by Kim Klassen.  Thanks, Kim!!

"Seasons of the Bloom" is a yearly project of the winter bloom of a magnolia tree that lives around the corner from me.  It's original owner/planter/tender has since passed on, but the tree continues to bring hope of Spring to our neighborhood every year.  The tree, through absence of owners, has suffered neglect over the past three years.  My family and I, along with some neighbors, have done what we can to keep the tree alive.  Therefore, this year's bloom has been especially joyous.

Happy Spring!!!

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