Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Year at Whitewater Draw, SE Arizona, USA

homemade "picassocam" pinhole camera, paper negative, 1 minute exposure, negative inverted and post-processed in Photoshop, including the colorizing, and adding a texture from Kim Klassen's texture collections. (Thanks, Kim!  I used WarmSun)

Whitewater Draw WIldlife area (near Elfrida, Arizona) is currently maintained by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and is a stopping place along the migrating "road" of sandhill cranes, from December through about March. The surrounding agricultural area provides food for the cranes and many species of ducks and other birds who pass through, and others that stay all year round.

On this particular day at Whitewater Draw, we stood in awe at literally thousands of sandhill cranes coming in from the fields to roost for the afternoon. I will never forget the sights and sounds of the experience!

Speaking of sound, here is a recording I made of the day's crane fly-in.....

Image made: January 2, 2011


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