Thursday, March 24, 2011

More pink abstract spring....

It's a day later, and the tulips have opened a little further...

I usually like film, paper, and pinhole cameras for extending the photographic process, allowing more direct participation in the creation of my images, and for slowing down the entire creation process.   But then there are times when I appreciate the "instantness" of digital, and I can explore nature's beauties with lenses that allow me to see and explore it in ways that my (tired, old) eyes alone  can't do under normal conditions.  I've pretended that I'm in the flowers here, exploring.  It's free-flowing, easy, and spontaneous.   I don't even focus the lens (I can't- as I am holding the lens up to the camera body, in a  backwards orientation.)  I just lean in and out, experimenting with what compositions come into view, as the very selective focus closes in on one part or another.

Perhaps I will revisit the tulips today, with my 10-20mm wide angle lens- backwards.

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