Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does thy fate lie at the gallows outside? Tombstone Courthouse, Tombstone, Arizona, USA

D Stewart PDX's famous "Terminator 3" pinhole camera, Fuji ACROS ISO 100 film, 10-second exposure Negative was photographed over a lightbox with a DSLR, post-processing in Photoshop.

While D went exploring and photographing all over the courthouse, I stayed up in the courtroom, getting acquainted with her Terminator 3 pinhole camera.

This was a tough shot! Two tripod legs rested on the window sill, and the other rested on top of my camera bag on the floor. (tripod leg not being long enough to reach the floor) The dark slide of the film back came out on the window frame side, not allowing much room for my hands to move the slide out of the way for exposure. I jostled the camera severely (or so it seemed) as I fumbled through the shot. But, the Terminator saw me through!

The courtroom windows of the Tombstone Courthouse overlooks the prison yard, including the gallows. You can see them here, at the lower left side of the window. Can you imagine being on trial in this court in the 1880s, and seeing the ropes hang silently ot the window, pondering your fate?

The courtroom was used from the 1880s through the 1920s, before the Cochise County seat was moved to Bisbee, about 20 miles away.

D Stewart PDX came down to my area to photograph, and we had a girls' day out! We pinholed all over Cochise County, Arizona, in the driving snow (flurries) and icy cold wind! We even traded cameras for the day, so I got to shoot a roll of film in her Terminator 3 pinhole camera! (I'll let D tell you which of my cameras she ran around with)

Thanks D, for a wonderful adventure with you! I sure learned much from you, and I love the Terminator!!!!

Image made February 27, 2011.

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