Friday, March 11, 2011

"Steve", brought to you by a paint can, coffee, washing soda, vitamin C and sea salt. (-:

homemade paint can pinhole camera, 34-second exposure, paper negative, developed in homemade Caffenol CM. Negative was scanned and post-processed in Photoshop, including addition of a texture.

While making blurry Steve images with the Holga, I also made a few with the can cams. It was terribly windy, and I think the very light-weighted paint can cam did it's very best to stay still, yet you can still see the jiggy effects of the wind.

Texture added in PS, and was freely offered by Kim Klassen's Cafe. (thanks a bunch, Kim!) The texture hides the jiggyness a bit, making this image a little more calming to the eye, I think.

Steve is a 150-year-old Fremont cottonwood tree t the San Pedro House, along the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona, between Bisbee and Sierra Vista. He is one of my favorite tree-friends.

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