Monday, February 21, 2011

The old livery stable, Fairbank, Arizona USA

homemade paint can camera, paper negative, 43 sec exp, scanned and processed in Photoshop

The stable seems a bit airy these days.

Fairbank is just down the road apiece from Tombstone, Arizona, and it's heyday was about the same time. Unlike Tombstone, Fairbank was regarded as a "family-friendly" town, with a rail stop, next to the San Pedro River. It's function as a railway stop for goods and people was one of it's economic resources, and a silver mine for employ was the other. It's name became officially "Fairbank" in 1883, when it's first post office opened.

Even though quieter than nearby Tombstone, it did have a famous violent train robbery attempt in 1900.

Fairbank's last residents left in the 1970s, and it is now a ghost town. It is being preserved however, and the schoolhouse has been restored, acting as a museum, visitor's center, and gift shop.

image made January 15, 2010

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