Sunday, January 30, 2011

playing with color on black and white pinhole images

A week after getting home from our Lake Havasu trip and photo bonanza, all of the images from all of the cameras have been initially processed. All digital images noted, some post processed, Brownie 120 film has been developed, and some have been post-processed. Yesterday, I developed all 16 paper negatives from the pinhole cameras. I am pleased with most of the negatives, but I did expose a bit too long in-camera, on the whole.

I have been playing with the pinhole images lighthouse replicas in Photoshop today. I've been thinking about adding color to these as I was making them. Muted colors, yet saturated, so that the warmth and brightness of the sun is perceptible in them.

Here are some side-by-side comparisons of the post-processed images, with and without color:

Currituck Lighthouse replica

Main Buffalo Replica Lighthouse

Sandy Hook Replica Lighthouse

I really like this one.  The negative was very much overexposed, but was workable.   It seems to have a softer, pastoral look to it, maybe in part to the state of the negative. 

The odd swirls and uneven tones are due to internal reflection inside the camera, as far as I can tell.  I can spray the inside with a flat spray paint, but I think I like my little reflection muses.  I fancy they are the creative breaths that inspire me, posing in my pictures.


  1. I like those swirls - they're very dreamlike!

  2. Thanks, J! They are showing up in more and more of my images...perhaps they can be my trademark. (-: