Friday, January 28, 2011

Lake Havasu Lights

The Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club has installed (real-working) 1/3-sized replicas of vintage lighthouses at key places around Lake Havasu, in Arizona and California.

It's a big lake, with a 40-mile long, rugged volcanic rock coastline.  As we paddled and drove and strolled along the parks and beaches and marinas, we came upon these lovely lighthouses out of the blue, like one might in a a treasure or Easter egg hunt.

We happened upon 6 of the 20 lighthouses on this trip.  Here are the early-returning photographs, fresh from the two Brownie cameras...

This lighthouse is a special one.  It is a memorial to Captain Vic Reyes, who operated Vessel Assist Lake Havasu (search and rescue) for two years, till 2001.

West Quoddy is the first replica lighthouse erected by the Lake Havasu Lighthouse club, and was dedicated on June 30, 2002.

The real West Quoddy Lighthouse is located in Lubec, Maine, and is the farthest northeastern lighthouse in the United States.

We came upon these two lighthouses while paddling through the Bridgewater Channel in our inflatable canoe, "The Guppie" . (-:.

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