Monday, January 24, 2011

Beautiful sunrise with a beautiful balloon

It was a fabulous photographic weekend and vacation with my family in Lake Havasu, Az!  We enough cameras with us to go around at least twice per person!  There were two pinhole cameras, two Brownie Hawkeyes, one Canon DSLR,  a Canon point and shoot, and my son's camcorder.  It was joyful flipping back and forth of equipment- film and digital, lens and lensless, electronic everything to low tech refrigerator magnet shuttering.

For starters, here is a video (with the Canon 2Ti DSLR) of the Saturday Morning flag ceremony at the Havasu Island Balloon Festival:

The balloon's name is "Concho", and is piloted by Ron Aros. The balloon team is from Tucson, Arizona.

Ron Aros dedicated this flight to his mother, who had passed away the previous day.

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